Mark Schulhof Debunks 5 Myths About Fundraising

There's a lot of misinformation floating around about fundraising. Innovairre's Mark Schulhof debunks five myths that could stymie your fundraising campaigns.

Banish five myths that could be holding back your fundraising efforts, according to Mark Schulhof, former CEO of Innovairre. You'll also find tips and tricks to help your fundraising efforts blossom.

1. According to Mark Schulhof, Asking for Just One Donation a Year Is a Myth

Per a 2018 study, many donors give 4-10 times per year to worthy causes. One-third of donors give to their favorite charities four or more times per year, and 23% give more than ten times per year. This myth is definitely debunked, and you can save your donors time and hassle by offering auto-pay options such as monthly giving plans. Mark Schulhof recommends including monthly giving plans in your direct mailers and online campaigns.

2. Mark Schulhof Says Sticking to the Same Fundraisers Is a Myth that Can Hurt Your Fundraising Efforts

If you have immensely successful fundraising that's been going strong for 20 years, by all means, keep the tradition alive. Lately, the notion that adding new fundraisers will hurt your cause has been making the round. It's simply not true. In fact, many organizations cling to the same fundraisers, even when they stop being cash cows. Here are three ways you can make money for your organizations and shake up tradition:

Use crowdfunding in conjunction with new activities. Crowdfunding allows generous donors to keep giving online between events. It also makes it easy for fundraisers to share your organization's information online without asking for money directly.

Add multiple fundraising efforts to one event. Mark Schulhof recommends selling T-shirts or holding a raffle at your next 5k. That way, you boost your fundraising without having to plan a whole separate event. How about a golf tournament where you raffle off 18 holes at the local golf resort? This kind of exposure helps your generous business partners show off their generosity and services and makes more money for your charity.

Use social media to promote the event, report the event, and as part of your next email campaign.

If you want your email campaign to work, ensure that the subject line catches the recipient's attention. You can use statistics, recent news, and information about your organization to raise awareness, grab attention and get a better click-through rate. Email campaigns for donations need just the right mix of sincerity, information, and feel-good text to convert readers to donors, says Mark Schulhof, a veteran fundraiser.

4. Silent Auctions Don't Work Anymore. Mark Schulhof Says That's False

Silent and live auctions are fun events that givers love to participate in. These fun, engaging events bring out the competitive nature of many donors. Silent auctions can still draw good press and loyal donors to your ranks.

5. Don't Market to Donors Right After They Give. Do It, It Works, According to Mark Schulhof

Truth: Donors often give more after a recent donation. So, Mark Schulfhof advises organizations to find an effective way to take advantage of this tendency.

About Mark Schulhof

Since 2019 Mark Schulhof has served as Executive Chair of Innovairre, after serving as the fundraising company's CEO from 2006 to 2019. Innovairre currently assists more than 500 charities with their funding campaigns.

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