Is Sustainability an Essential Part of Your Business's Mission? - With Mark Schulhof

Make sustainability part of your company's DNA with advice from Mark Schulhof, a high-performance fundraising expert for sustainable nonprofits.

More companies are identifying organic, natural, clean, or sustainable products as part of their brand image. However, it's important to go beyond using those terms and going through the motions of sourcing renewable raw materials. That's simply not enough anymore, according to Mark Schulhof, who shows nonprofits how to maximize fundraising and embrace sustainability as part of their organizational DNA.

Ethical production and sustainability need to become part of how we do business if we want to prevent an existential threat to our existence. Therefore, every employee must commit to sustainability so that it weaves through every decision made in both commercial and nonprofit organizations, says Mark Schulhof.

Businesses can prioritize sustainability without compromising their revenue or operations. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Sustainability Matters Now More Than Ever Per Mark Schulhof

Sustainable business practices help companies stay efficient and save money. When companies embed sustainability into every decision, they pave the way for larger changes needed to slow down and reverse the effects of climate change.

How Can You Make It Make Sense for Your Business?

Consumers are looking to businesses to create products that make it easier for them to become stewards of the earth. Aligning your values with customers, many of whom are in the key Gen X and millennial age ranges, can help you become known as a progressive brand, says Mark Schulhof.Committing to sustainability makes sense on every level. Minimizing your companies carbon footprint can reduce climate change and help ensure the future of life on earth, including humans. With the proper branding, your nonprofit or corporation can increase goodwill among current and prospective customers, says Mark Schulhof.These efforts pay off big by helping companies build stronger relationships with manufacturers and suppliers.

Mark Schulhof Understands the Importance of Sincerity and Commitment to the Cause

Create a list of sustainability goals and ways that your company can achieve them. Do you have a fleet of vehicles that currently use gas? Perhaps you can introduce electronic vehicles or hybrids into your fleet? Making substantial moves towards a paperless office can also send the right message to employees and customers, says Mark Schulhof. This is especially doable for those specializing in professional services such as lawyers, real estate agents, and accountants.After you figure out what sustainability means for your business, consider holding brainstorming sessions to gather ideas from your team members. By communicating the importance of sustainability and making it part of your corporate or organizational values, you embedded in the DNA of your brand.

Takeaways from Mark Schulhof

Committing to sustainability is much more than a feel-good campaign to make your brand look good, says Mark Schulhof. Beyond the optics, businesses can save time, reduced cost, and gain the trust of their customer base with concerted efforts to reduce their organization's carbon footprints.With a reputation as an eco-friendly organization, you gain brand recognition and trust among an ever-increasing number of consumers who want to buy sustainable products. Help the planet thrive with sustainable practices that ensure everyone on earth can survive for generations to come.


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